About Alpine Parrot


Ditch the stereotypes.

No one expects parrots to play with snowballs, but they do. And despite the outdoor media's portrayal of who they think qualifies as "outdoorsy", we know that nature is for everyone.

Trees come in every shape and size. Trails are every shade of brown. Snow rolls down every slope, from shallow meadows to steep peaks. All of this applies to people, too.

Maybe you never thought you'd get outside, maybe you've been breaking the mold since the day you were born, or maybe you're both or somewhere in between. Whoever you are and however you describe yourself, nature is ready and waiting for you to join them.

But first, you need clothes that fit you: body, mind, and soul.

Alpine Parrot started in 2019 in response to the lack of size and ethnic diversity in outdoor apparel: we think it's silly that it's 2020 and people still walk out of outdoor specialty stores, unable to find anything that fits!

And so Alpine Parrot makes outdoor apparel for women, sizes 14-24 (with more sizes coming!), focusing on the inclusion of our inherent diversity as humans who care about the planet.

A group of alpine parrots is called a circus, and this one welcomes everyone! Ready to show your beautiful colors as your soar through the mountains? Join us!