Let's make a pair of hiking pants!

While Alpine Parrot's mission is to enable a better outdoor experience for more people, we have to start somewhere. Our first product will be women's style hiking pants, centered around size 161

Why hiking pants, you might ask? It came down to a simple fact: the easiest way to experience the outdoors is to be in it. Sure, folks can climb, kayak, ski, ride horses, and more, but as long as we can get to the outdoors, we're in the outdoors. Step it up a notch, and moving through the outdoors is our next endeavor. Once we're comfortable simply being outside, then we can engage in bigger activities, like scaling a mountain or paddling down a river.

Before we can run (or ski or ride), we must walk. And hiking is all about walking through nature.

In many parts of the planet, hiking is a year-round activity. For those who can only get outside during some moths of the year, there's another part of the planet that can. And even if you're not that into hiking per se, hiking pants are comfortable, durable, and can even be fashionable (depending on your style)! It's a great all-around compromise for a broad audience.

And then there are the practical reasons for making hiking pants: they're easier to manufacture than, say, ski pants (only one layer to worry about), and are at a price point that most folks are willing to pay (high-quality hiking pants are less than $100 MSRP). We want to hit that same price point, at a quality that will last for years. We don't want you to buy a million pairs of pants - just one or two, that you can cycle through for the next decade.

Over the next several weeks, we'll share how we're doing - follow along on Instagram at @alpineparrotco! In the meantime, do us a favor, will you? Let us know what you love and hate about your pants in our second survey2!


1 This means our first run will include sizes 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20. Wish there were more sizes? Let us know!

2 Did you miss our first survey? Our first survey was all about YOU, and it's not too late to fill it out!


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