On sale: Alpine Parrot posters!

Want to support Alpine Parrot while we make our first pair of hiking pants? Buy a poster!

The poster is an incredible photograph of a kea in flight, unleashing its true colors above mountain peaks. It was photographed by Karl Anderson - let him know you love his work on Instagram!

It measures 18" wide by 12" long, and is printed on demand by a third party. The quality is absolutely exquisite (we checked and it's hanging in our office). They'll ship it straight to you.

Why did we choose a poster?

We could have done t-shirts, bags, water bottles... but we chose posters for two main reasons:

  1. There's enough waste in the world, and we want to contribute to it as little as possible. We have more than enough cheap shirts, bags, and water bottles, and we bet you do, too. Furthermore, the cost to make and ship high quality versions of those items is too much of a gamble for such a young brand as ourselves. Posters can be printed on demand and shipped almost immediately, resulting in a unique piece of wall art at a price we think most folks would be comfortable with. (And if no one buys? No problem! No inventory is been lost. #sustainablewinning)
  2. We love art, especially nature photography. The kea is a truly special bird, and we're sure most folks don't know about them. Alpine Parrot was named after the kea for a very specific reason: most folks don't think of parrots in snow-capped mountains, but they're there. And most people probably don't associate the outdoors with different body types and ethnicities, but we're here, too! The outdoors are for everyone, even parrots.

Do we make any money off the poster?

Yes, we do. We're a totally self-bootstrapped business. While we might take investments in the future (it all depends on our growth path and potential!), for now we need to spend money to make money. To spend money, we need to make money. Hence the posters.

Even better, a portion of the profits of each poster sold will go to Bay Area Wilderness Training, a non-profit dedicated to creating equitable access to outdoor experiences for youth of color and low income youth. So support us, support some kids, and help spread the word: the outdoors are for everyone!

Buy a poster!

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